Sunday, October 3, 2010

Derivatively Speaking

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Stimulate new interest in National Science Foundation Education programs while seeking assistance in my 5 research proposals. 1, Free electric, 2, Jobs, 3, Art, 4, Help the elderly and poor, 5, Help Veterans and others with PTSD by using the first four proposals, thus some self educating by blog writing.

Derivatively speaking, “Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day. Teach a person how to fish and you feed them for a life time. Teach a person how to teach fishing and you feed the world.”

I just started receiving newsletters from NSF. I might apply for grants and small business loans in order to show how photovoltaic panels can provide free electric when combined with a series of batteries and electric generators. I’m sharing this idea and looking for your assistance. Assistance to professionally present this free electric idea world wide, free. My first try of this idea is at:

Just for the fun of it I will share $50.00 for easily readable examples (diagrams optional) showing why photovoltaic panels, batteries and generators could NOT produce free electric. Free electric as I will attempt to explain in this blog type letter.

I have just one request. Please try and have your derogatory remarks limited to under 500 words?

Here goes: Simply put, if it takes 5 car batteries, that where charged up by photovoltaic panels, to power one small electric generator that can produce enough electric to charge only three car batteries then you are still ahead because the first charge was free.
Need help? go to the Hobbies tab.

You do this 10 times and you have 30 car batteries filled free with a charge.

Now let us say that these 30 “combine” batteries can operate a larger generator, that can charge 3 very large batteries.

Now let us say these three very larger batteries can now operate a larger generator that can produce electric into the electric grid. A grid such as the electric towers that run along side many of the nations rail road tracks.

Magnifying glass has been invented to intensify the photovoltaic panels output.

Batteries could produce light to be used by the panels in times of no sun.

If necessary small computerized, car-like, transmission devices could shift the gears to upgrade the generators operating potential. I don't know if that devices has been invented yet.

This next part will take some thinking that I can't do.
Calculate, the "correct parts” of sun then electric that is needed to go in and out of the photovoltaic panels, then in and out of the batteries, and same with the generators. Then write and tell me why it can't be done? I'll find a way to check the numbers.

The blessings come when we see the varing types of free electric opperated desalination devices change sea water into fresh water, while the free electric, pumps the water into the deserts.
Another blessing will be the "bonds" sold by the banks and Insured by *GE and AIG.

More investing insurance information.
See LA Times Oct. 1, 2010, p. B1, by TV broadcaster & reporter David Lazarus,
Lazarus writes that Obama’s new consumer czar Elizabeth Warren told the Financial Services Roundtable, an industry group,
Let’s measure our success with simple questions, can customers understand the product, figure out the costs and risks, and compare products?

That sounds like the same thing that we are trying to do with this letter blog.

I request NSF and others to support Elizabeth Warren based on the book “The Big Short” by Michael Lewis.
See *P 69-80, hard cover, first eition.


Carl G. Mueller